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Anonymous said: Could you spread the word about the Candice Accola trend for today? Our Ravishing Queen Candice Accola 3pm EST, 4pm ARG, 8pm UK, 9pm CET, 12pm PST


I can, I love Candice! :) I’ll tag this everywhere, hehe.

Please reblog this message, fans of Candice Accola! 8pm UK time, let’s show our girl some love!


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Reblog if you refuse to give up on Klaroline no matter what. Reblog to show others how big our family is.
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Kol is back? Where is this from?


Kol is back? Where is this from?

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"My women of Paris, seek your own enlightenment! God gave you life, not man. It is your Christian duty to live this life to its fullest."  (The Musketeers 01x07)

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The Originals should have never left The Vampire Diaries. 

Both shows are suffering now.

There I said it.

Reblog if you’re growing tired of the ever-lasting bullshit with TVD.


it’s 2014 and body hair still does the thing where it grows back when u get rid of it??? wow get ur shit together science 

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