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Kol is back? Where is this from?


Kol is back? Where is this from?

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"My women of Paris, seek your own enlightenment! God gave you life, not man. It is your Christian duty to live this life to its fullest."  (The Musketeers 01x07)

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The Originals should have never left The Vampire Diaries. 

Both shows are suffering now.

There I said it.

Reblog if you’re growing tired of the ever-lasting bullshit with TVD.


it’s 2014 and body hair still does the thing where it grows back when u get rid of it??? wow get ur shit together science 

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  • Friendly reminder: Klaus' D was in Carolines' V.

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2 Words: Nathaniel Buzolic


He’s not doing any projects right now! Bring him back to the CW!

 I really need Kol right now!!! Oh the mischief he could stir up!!!

What they forgot to put in 5x11.. →


The buttons on Caroline’s blouse flew as Klaus tore it off her body.

He growled capturing her lips again as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

His hips dug into hers pushing her back farther into the tree.

If she were human, the bark would have hurt. But as a vampire, it only heightened her…